Hummingbird 5/08

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May 15th

Found this nest directly outside the backdoor in the wisteria vine.  It’s a poor choice considering the amount of traffic.  Intricately woven and lined with cat fur, the nest already has 2 eggs in it.  The mother is still making additions to the nest.


It appears to be an Anna’s Hummingbird.  During the day the mother bird sits on the nest for a few minutes then is off to feed for 10-15.  Here she’s coming in for a landing:



May 31st

Both the hummingbird eggs hatched today.  Rather ugly little things at this stage.  Each one is the size of a small jelly bean.





June 9th

The hummingbirds are 10 days old.  Mother bird is still sitting on the nest overnight, but spending less time sitting during the day.


While watching the chicks on the video I kept noticing something small streaking by the camera.  At first I thought it was a fly.  Turns out this is how the chicks keep the nest clean.  Like everything these birds do, it happens fast.  The chick raises it’s butt up over the edge of the nest and does a quick squirt.



June 13th

The chicks have opened their eyes.  Still not much to look at though.



June 15th

At 16 days old the chicks are starting to get some color in their feathers.  Mother bird isn’t staying on the nest overnight, but she still feeds them regularly during the day.  The mother bird feeds both birds almost every time, but the lighter one usually gets fed 1st.  Most likely this is because of the position of the nest.  The nest is slanted to the left and there’s only one good place for the mother to land.  This happens to be on the side of the lighter colored chick.



June 21st

The chicks are 22 days old and are a lot more active.  They are constantly grooming and preening.  The nest has stretched to fit them, but they are continually jostling around.


They are both testing out their wings, but only for a few exploratory flaps.



June 22nd

Based on the hatch date the chicks are supposed to fledge by tomorrow.  They don’t seem to be using their wings much–only testing them every couple of hours.  The mother is still feeding them even though the chicks are almost as big as their mother.



June 24th

The chicks are 25 days old and getting ready to fly.  The lighter colored chick is much more eager.


6:30pm  The light chick is flying now.  It’s sticking close to the nest and the mother is still feeding it occasionally.  The darker chick seems to enjoy the extra space in the nest.  Here it is ruffling it’s feathers:


9:00pm  The darker chick won’t stay in the nest.  I’ve put it back in the nest twice where it will stay for a couple minutes before fluttering down the the ground.  Here it’s perched on a chair–the same chair where the cat likes to sleep.


It’s certain to become cat food, so I’m putting it in a box for the night.



June 25th

7:00am and the chick is crying to be fed after a night spent inside.  It readily went back in the nest and stayed there, chirping away.


Within 10 minutes the mother bird was back at the nest feeding.


6:00pm  The darker chick is finally flying successfully.  It’s staying near the nest, but it can move around.


June 26th

7:30am  The nest is empty and the chicks aren’t anywhere near it.  While sitting near the fountain and writing this post a hummingbird landed in the ficus.  Normally they will bolt off after a few seconds, but this one seemed to linger.  It perched 3 times over a minute or so.  One of the chicks?


Additional Hummingbird Pictures

Nest in February

Hummingbird feeding 1

Hummingbird feeding 2


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