An Anna’s Hummingbird built a nest right outside the backdoor.  Using Canon’s Remote Capture I’ve been getting some shots of it.


Full screen slideshow

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Additional Hummingbird Pictures

Nest in February

Hummingbird feeding 1

Hummingbird feeding 2

Nest in May


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  1. jnaszady on

    These are wonderful photos that you’ve taken! I’d like to know about how your camera is set up. I’m trying to photograph an Anna’s hummingbird who is still incubating her eggs, after at least two weeks. Unfortunately, I’m not at the house full time. Where are you located? The nest I’m watching is in Humboldt County, California.

    The nest is on a slender branch at the edge of a redwood tree, just outside a sliding glass door. There isn’t much traffic to speak of, except my son gardening. I startled the bird shortly after her nest was constructed, and she got used to me being around a little. I climbed on a ladder and stuck my Nikon in her face, without a flash.

  2. tv on

    These were shot with a little Canon A70. The camera was mounted to a custom tripod made of wingnuts and scrap wood. It was hooked into a laptop for remote control and monitoring. The bird noticed the flash for the first few days, but soon became accustomed to it.

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